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ELF is important to know the date (All About Super Junior):

January 1: Sungmin Birthday
January 13: In Iran appears specialized magazines Super Junior (2011)
January 17: Kangin Birthday
January 25: Super Junior featured in the magazine NeoTokyo Magazine # 59 (page 11) in Brazil that contains the profiles of the members and the history of Super Junior (2011)
January 26: A newspaper in Slovenia, Zurnal, write the data of the members of Super Junior and album sales (2011)
February 3: Kyuhyun Birthday
February 9: Hangeng Birthday
February 10: A TV Channel in Turkey recognize Super Junior as "Best Groups in Korea" and do a bit of coverage (2011)
February 21: Hong Kong Tourism Board formally invited Super Junior to promote Hong Kong tourism
February 23: Super Junior Trot Birthday (SuJu T)
February 24: Super Show 3 3D set a record with 11 940 spectators in four days. This is a great success that never existed before (2011)
March 12: Super Junior to release 3rd album, Sorry sorry (2009)
March 15: Performance Super Junior on "Inkigayo" raise the rating to 14%, the highest in recent years (2009)
March 20: Hangeng elected to the Beijing Olympic torch bearer. He was selected first pop idol in history (2008)
• 3 April: Debut Super Junior M in China and SuJu M Birthday
• 4 April: Birthday Eunhyuk
• 8 April: Kyuhyun car crash a second time
• 11 April: Birthday Zhoumi
• 19 April: A car accident four members of SuJu (2007)
• 19 April: Super Show The First Asia Tour Concert was released on CD (2008)

• 19 April: Super Junior featured in Jackie Chan concert, Good Friends, as a representative of Korea at the Beijing National Stadium (2009)
• 25 April: Super Junior was chosen as a model for the advertising of the largest companies in Japan, the Circle K Sunkus (2011)
• 30 April: Super Junior became the Ambassador of Korea in the framework of respect for good relations with Thailand Korea for 50 years (2008)
May 2: Super Junior M released their debut album Me (2007)
May 5: defined as the boyband Super Junior # 1 where the kids want to spend their Joint Children's Day (2006)
May 13: Super Junior releases single Miina, 4jib album (2010)
May 18: Super Junior released a Japanese version of the hit single titled "Bonamana" (digitally)
May 23: Kyuhyun joined Super Junior (2006)
May 25: Single U Songs downloaded over 400,000 times, up to 1.7 million pendownload (2006)
May 30: Happy Birthday Super Junior (SuJu H)
June 2: The formation of ELF, Super Junior Fans club official
June 4: Super Junior came to Indonesia in the event of kimchi
June 5: Cooking? Cooking! Super Junior Happy mini album (2008)
June 10: Super Junior H with the song Victory Korea won the Best Song in the World Cup ESPN Poll for the support of 90% by beating Shakira, Akon, etc.. (2010)
June 13: Super Junior released four albums to Bonamana (2010)
June 21: Ryeowook Birthday
July 1: Leeteuk Birthday
July 5: Kyuhyun allowed out of hospital after 78 days of treatment (2007)
July 5: Kangin entry draft (2010)
July 10: Heechul Birthday
July 17: Second Asia Tour Super Show Concert (2009)
July 23: Super Junior started promoting the song Dancing Out ​​of SM Town Summer Album (2006)
August 3: Super Junior released five studio albums to-Mr. Simple (2011)

August 4: The music video was released Mr.Simple
August 14: Third Asia Tour Super Show Concert (2010)
August 21: Super Junior Kiss the Radio (SUKIRA) started and this program is the longest in the history of broadcasting and has the highest rating (2006)
August 21: Kibum Birthday
August 22: Super Junior released Version B Mr.Simple with the addition of a song Superman (2011)
August 24: Yesung Birthday
• 1 September: Heechul register for compulsory military service (2011)
• 18 September: Super Junior attended the 5th Pattay Music Festival in Thailand as a representative of Korea (2006)
• 19 September: Super Junior's repackaged album release, album A-Cha (2011)
• 20 September: Super Junior Release 2nd studio album Do not Don (2007)
• 28 September: Shindong Birthday
October 9 to 12: Heechul became TTWW for three days thanks to the International ELF (2010)
October 11: Henry's Birthday
October 13: 4 Super Show Tickets in Seoul sold out in eight minutes. This is a new record (2011)
October 15: Donghae Birthday
October 29: DVD Super Show The Second Asia Tour Concert was released (2010)
• 5 November: Debut Super Junior (2005) and the debut of Super Junior KRY (2006)
• 6 November: First appearance in Popular Song Super Junior Music Program (2005)
• 16 November: DVD Super Show The Third Asia Tour Concert was released in Japan
• 22 November: Super Junior crowned as the icon of the National Pop Culture, and received an award from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Korea since the Hallyu Wave has spread to many countries so that Korea is more familiar to foreign countries (2010)

December 5: Super Junior's first studio album released TWINS (Knock Out) (2005)
December 10: Launch of CD Super Show The Second Asia Tour Concert (2009)
ELF : Ever Lasting Friend
ELF is not a name that has no meaning, but ELF is a very valuable, significant and meaningful by the idol and his fans.
Are you the ELF? Do you judge your idol's face? If you are so you are not the ELF and you just like your idol and a half alone. ELF assess the idol of personality themselves not only from the face.
Can anyone still not know the background of the name of ELF? Come on .. read the story behind the name of the ELF's leader Leeteuk. At the concert with another group, Super Junior saw a few blue sapphire in other colors of all fandoms. The days passed, more and more sapphire blue color so that they realize that the blue color of sapphire is a source of happiness, passion and our strength. When the Super Junior concert, ELF is always giving spirit with the phrase "Super Junior, hwaiting! ELF, fighting ".

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Super Junior


Known SJ or Suju
Music Flow : K-pop, Mandopop, Dance, Hip hop, R&B, Trot
Debut 2005 to date
Label SM Entertainment, Avex Asia (China), Rhythm Zone (Jepang)
Sub Group : SMTown, Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior T, Super Junior M, Super Junior H
Website www.super-junior.co.kr
Members who have the greatest income : 1.Heechul, 2.Leeteuk, 3. Shindong
Members who have seen the most revenue from their families : 1.Siwon, 2.Sungmin, 3.Kyuhyun
Name Inggris members and Fandom  :
Ryeowook : Nathan Kim (Ryeosomnia)
Yesung : Jerome Kim (Clouds)
Kibum : Bryan Trevor Kim (Snowers)
Sungmin : Vincent Lee (Pumpkins)
Shindong : Mathew Shin (ShinsFriends)
Eunhyuk : Peterpan (Jewels)
Leeteuk : Dennis Park (Angels)
Hangeng : Joshua Tan (Gengfans)
Siwon : Andrew Choi (Siwonest)
Heechul : Casey Kim (Petals)
Kangin : Jordan Kim (Camomille)
Kyuhyun : Marcus ChoX (Sparkyu)
The order of Super Junior member who is good to drink (alcoholic beverages) : 1.Kangin, 2.Shindong, 3.Kyuhyun, 4.Eunhyuk

Meaning ELF for Super Junior

ELF Meaning of Leeteuk
 If the ELF does not exist, I would just be an empty shell
Thanks ELF has made ​​me shine

ELF Meaning of Heechul
If there is no ELF, Super Junior will not be eternal
Because ELF, Super Junior eternal

ELF Meaning of Eunhyuk
After I became older, I want to sing for ELF
 ELF is very valuable to me, do not change each other

ELF Meaning of Siwon
ELF such as Oxygen
ELF like the heart which is the most important thing as I live

ELF Meaning of Ryeowook
ELF that I can be together with them to maintain a reciprocal relationship, and indeed they are Ever Lasting Friends

ELF Meaning of Kyuhyun
ELF is our strong army, who should we hold on tight forever
ELF is the existence of which must be there with us

ELF Meaning of Shindong
I hope we can become one forever

ELF Meaning of Sungmin
I feel, that I can not do anything without the ELF
Super Junior can sing just because the ELF

ELF Meaning of Donghae
I would keep it in my heart, even after I die, the fact that I met with the ELF

ELF Meaning of Yesung
ELF advocates that be in the count and the perpetual.. I LOVE YOU

ELF Meaning of Kangin
ELF which encourage super junior
Since we began together, let's set the end together

ELF Meaning of Kibum
ELF as a sanctuary that I can count on
ELF encouraging me and inspiring me deep into my mind

ELF Meaning of Hangeng
ELF importantly, thank you very much and I love ELF